My name’s Kathleen, or KK as most people call me, and I’m a PhD in Media/Communications with over a decade’s experience in teaching and research at the tertiary level. I’ve authored two books (one in-progress), numerous academic journal articles, government reports and media commentaries, with research expertise in digital media, society and culture. I’ve been long fascinated by the work people put into the production and consumption of meaning through their use and engagement with digital technologies, apps, or other cultural objects (like craft beer, which is the focus of my current book project!). I write primarily from a critical and sociological perspective, with extensive training and practice in critical and qualitative research methodologies, and a deep fascination with storytelling.

I’ve recently left a tenured career in academia to independently pursue more rewarding ventures, and am currently open to contract and consulting work in the research/teaching space. Please get in touch if you have something suited to my skillset, or if you’d like to speak with an experienced researcher about potential projects or engagements you’re interested in pursuing.

I also have over 300 training hours as a registered yoga teacher (RYT) in vinyasa and yin/yoga nidra, and regularly lead classes around the greater Wellington region. I also have availability to create and lead yoga/mindfullness programmes in your workplace, too – please get in touch to talk about how we might construct something relevant to your needs.

In the meantime, check back here for all things KK-related, including updates on current research projects, yoga classes & workshops, speaking engagements and whatever else I might be getting up to!