So much media, so little time. . .

I’m having a hard time committing to blogging here, so this WordPress has unfortunately turned into less of a blog and more of an interactive CV of sorts. But I’m OK with that, as long-form blogging seems to be an increasingly antiquated form of communication (yikes!).  Truthfully, I’ve got so many other classroom-related social media projects that I’ve given up trying to maintain a regular blogspace just for me.  Perhaps I’ll return to that prospect in the future, but for now I’m really enjoying co-creating content with my students in other spaces.

For example, this semester a lot of in-class critique has taken place over Twitter and/or in Live Blogging formats.  For my course “Critical Theory & the Study of Popular Culture,” my students regularly make insightful commentary on “pop culture moments”  – including the Superbowl, Grammys, Oscars – through our course blogspace and on Twitter (#criticalpop).

My Social Media students have also been producing some great content, as well, especially in the Twittersphere (#cnusm).  However, perhaps my favorite thing they’ve produced thus far are the short videos (created on xtranormal and GoAnimate) that illustrate key course concepts relating to social  media (you can view them all on our course  YouTube page)!  Below, for example, students created a video that illustrates the concept of  “prosumption” as defined by Toffler (1980) and updated by Ritzer & Jurgensen (2010):

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