I Spy online documentary launches

I Spy (With My 5 Eyes) is an interactive think-piece about the Five Eyes alliance and contemporary surveillance issues featuring prominent scholars, activists, privacy advocates, intelligence agency officials, hackers and whistleblowers from around the world…and me! The film explores the tensions between governments, intelligence agencies and individuals as data collection grows and personal privacy is eroded.

I had the pleasure of consulting on the film in its early stages, and briefly feature with a short blip on “control creep” in the Searching for Terrorists chapter (around the 3:00 mark!)  meme-16-kuehn-fb

The documentary, which will remain freely available online, is an excellent teaching resource for courses/topics relating to surveillance, privacy, intelligence or even digital media more broadly. It’s broken down into five short chapters: ‘Behind the Eyes,’ ‘Cyber Warfare & Espionage,’ ‘The Chilling Effect,’ ‘Searching for Terrorists,’ and ‘Into The Future’ that each feature additional content and opportunities for viewers to add their thoughts/participate in a broader discussion about surveillance.

I Spy (With My 5 Eyes) is a New Zealand-Canadian co-production financed by NZ on Air and Canada Media Fund, directed by international Emmy nominee Justin Pemberton (The Nuclear Comeback; Chasing Great), produced by Carthew Neal (Hunt for the Wilderpeople; Tickled) and narrated by Lucy Lawless (Xena, Parks & Rec).



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