Leaving academia

So in July 2021, I took a voluntary redundancy and officially left my position as a senior lecturer in Media & Communications at Victoria University of Wellington. The reasons are myriad, and better left to a conversation over coffee (or craft beer!) because I’ve not quite nailed down the narrative yet myself…but I basically pulled a Simone Biles before Simone Biles made prioritising mental health a respectable decision to make for one’s self and the people in one’s life. It was a really hard thing to do, laced with self-critique about personal failings, letting others down, not being good enough…but truth is, I’d been thinking about it – fantasising, even – for years. Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way, and to those who still do. I made the right choice. I’ve failed at nothing.

I will continue to maintain the title of ‘Research Fellow’ so Vic and I can mutually exploit each others’ reputational capital (lol), and I remain involved in a few ongoing research projects. I’m still committed to finishing my book on women in craft beer, if only for the many women who’ve given up so much of their time and energy over the last four years to help make it happen. I admit, though, that there are days where I struggle over whether this is a worthwhile venture or not, and whether my efforts might be better spent with more doing something than just writing/talking about it. As the global craft beer industry works through its own #metoo moment right now the book’s relevance is already being re-written. What’s needed now is a plan, not a description of a problem that’s finally been ubiquitously acknowledged. But I persist…for now!

In the meantime, I’m available for research work, speaking engagements, teaching, workshops or other contract opportunities (including in the yoga & mindfullness space!) should you be in need of someone with a wide range of expertise and teaching/research-related skills!

2 thoughts on “Leaving academia

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve left academia Kathleen. Your work was always wonderful, insightful and brilliant and you’ll be greatly missed. Nga mihi.

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