Public Talks

XX Festival 2020, You can’t be what you can’t see: Representation in craft beer. (Auckland, February 2020)

There’s No Such Thing as a Girl’s Beer Speaking Tour (w/ Molly Jones)

  • Bottle Stop Bottle Shop, Auckland (Sept 2019)
  • Malthouse, Wellington (Oct 2019)
  • Little Pom’s, Christchurch (Nov 2019)

Nothing and Nowhere to Hide: Mass Surveillance in the Digital Age. NZ Skeptics Conference 2018. Auckland (November 2018).

Facilitator, “Right to Know Day,” a public forum with NZ Privacy Commissioner and NZ Chief Ombudsman, Wellington. (26 September 2018).

From Luminous Moments to Island Time: The BWB Texts Story. A conversation with BWB Text authors. Wellington City Gallery, Wellington (24 September 2018).

Craft beerEnhancing Resilience, Sustainability and Improving Health & Wellbeing Meetup on Food & Drink. Victoria University of Wellington. (4 September 2018).

Re-Building the Web We Want: The Facebook / Cambridge Analytical Scandal. Spotlight Lecture Series, Victoria University of Wellington. (17 April 2018).

Panelist, The Philando Castile Story – A DiscussionAdam Art Gallery, Wellington. (7 April 2018).

Fairness and Freedom in Broadcasting. A Workshop for NZ Broadcasters on social media and privacy hosted by the NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority. TV3, Auckland. (2017, November).

Surveillance, Privacy & Space in the Age of Social MediaNational Library of New Zealand. (2 March 2017).

‘They should’ve turned the lights out!’ The economics of mediated voyeurism in the ‘Christchurch office sex romp’ scandal. Media Studies and Film Research Seminar, Victoria University of Wellington (March 2016).

Ubiquitous Surveillance. The Surveillance Film Festival, Wellington (March 2016) .

Hope labour and intellectual aspiration. The Social Life of Academia: A Higher Education Symposium. University of Melbourne (13 November 2015).

Ubiquitous surveillance: The digital footprint of lost privacy. Modelab Surveillance Awareness Bureau. Public art exhibition, Wellington (May 2015).

I don’t need the exposure, I need to pay the rent!’ Hope labor, self-exploitation and the politics of resistance. Film and Media Studies Seminar, Victoria University of Wellington (September 2013).

Theorising hope labour. Invited talk for Engaged Social Science (eSocSci)’s Creative Practice and Cultural Policy Research Network. Pipitea Campus Access Grid, Wellington (September 2013).

You know me better that I know myself! Resisting surveillance in the age of social media marketing. Invited talk at Virginia Wesleyan College, Virginia Beach, VA (March 2013).

Bridging the Gap: Finding Common Ground Between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods. The Graduate Student Forum, University Park, PA (March 2010).

Graduate Students in Communication (GSIC) 2009 Paper Award Presentation. The Graduate Student Forum, University Park, PA (March 2010).